Permit Information – Building Permit


A building permit is written authorization for the construction, repair, alteration of, or addition to a structure.  Applications for permits must be submitted with the authority of the property owner or his or her authorized agent.  Most permits are issued within three to six weeks.  An application for a building permit may be obtained from the Building Code Official or from the Town website in the Document Center .

A Building Permit is required for (but not limited to)

Demolition of a structure
Mechanical work
Electrical work
New construction
Excavation work
Plumbing work
Fire alarm system
Fire suppression & sprinkler systems
Structural changes
Installation of air conditioning units
Sign installation/replacement

Permits are not required for all activities;” however, work must be performed in a manner that meets all code requirements, as well as zoning requirements.  Additional details on permit requirements can be found in the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC) or by contacting the Building Code Enforcement and Inspection Division at 703-221-3400.

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