Permit Information – Occupancy Permit

All businesses must obtain an occupancy permit. An occupancy permit indicates the business space has passed its final inspection and is ready to be occupied. This permit is required before the business can physically occupy the building and is not transferable to another location. The Building Official issues two types of occupancy permits. They are “permanent occupancy” and “temporary occupancy” permits.

An Occupancy Permit is required to Occupy:

  • Newly constructed buildings, including residential dwellings
  • Newly constructed additions to existing buildings
  • Buildings that have been remodeled
  • Buildings that have been relocated

Permanent Occupancy Permit
A permanent occupancy permit is issued once all work is completed and the premises have been inspected by the Building Official. If a building passes final inspection, a permanent occupancy permit is issued. If the building does not pass inspection, the Building Official will notify the owner in writing of the incomplete items.

Temporary Occupancy Permit
Pending the issuance of a permanent occupancy permit, and at the discretion of the Building Official, a temporary occupancy permit may be issued for a period not to exceed 6 months.

Home Occupations
Including any occupation, profession, enterprise or activity conducted on-premises used principally for dwelling purposes.

General Home Occupation Information:

  • No person other than a member of the family residing on the premises is employed.
  • Not more than 25% of the floor area of the dwelling unit is used.
  • There is no group instruction or assembly and no products are sold on the premises.
  • There is no sign, display or change in the exterior appearance of the building, other than a nameplate not exceeding one square foot in area attached to the building.
  • No mechanical equipment is used or maintained other than that normally used for domestic or household purposes.
  • There is no outside storage of supplies, equipment, etc.
  • There are no trucks weighing over 6,000 pounds GVW parked on the property
  • The occupation must be conducted completely within the home.
  • No home occupationmay be operated so as to cause a nuisance.