Dumfries Police Department
18130 Triangle Shopping Plaza
Dumfries, Virginia 22026





Acting Chief of Police Michael Fink

Acting Chief of Police Michael Fink



Compliment / Complaint Procedure

Dumfries Police Organizational Chart

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Department Mission

The Dumfries Police Department is committed to providing professional, effective, and courteous public service by working in partnership with the community under the rule of law to create a safe environment and improve the quality of life for all of our citizens in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, cooperation, respect, and integrity. We will strive for excellence in all we do and make every effort possible to earn and maintain the confidence and trust of the community we proudly serve.


FY17 Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Continue to improve neighborhood and business relationships with the police department.

Objective 1: Increase non-enforcement contact within residential and business communities.

Objective 2: Expand the department’s community outreach and liaison initiatives.

Objective 3: Expand the distribution of safety tips and information to citizens and businesses.


Goal 2: Improve pedestrian and motorist safety.

Objective 1: Expand patrol times dedicated to enforcement of traffic laws to reduce unsafe and distracted driving behavior.

Objective 2: Use focused patrols to address community concerns and identified traffic issue areas.

Objective 3: Expand driver and pedestrian awareness and safety information distribution.


Goal 3: Maintain a professional and effective police department.

Objective 1: Increase the percentage and types of calls for service handled by the police department.

Objective 2: Continue to provide staff training to improve services to the Town’s diverse neighborhoods and businesses.

Objective 3: Continue to design and implement programs that address identified community needs and concerns.


Ticket Information

For additional information on parking tickets, moving violations and all other tickets issued by the Town of Dumfries Police Department, please call 703-221-1111.



Exe. Assistant to Chief of Police Penny Shaffer

Administrative Staff; Penny Shaffer


Town of Dumfries School Resource Officer

Ofc Moody


Ofc. Gatling, Ofc. Magnan, Ofc. Arnsparger

Ofc. Gatling, Ofc. Magnan, Ofc. Arnsparger


Ofc. Garcia, Sgt. Llyod, Ofc. Sims

Ofc. Garcia, Sgt. Llyod, Ofc. Sims


2016 Bike Team

2016 Bike Patrol


New Police Department Member

Ofc. Dressel

Recruit Ofc. Dressel