Building inspections are conducted by the Town’s Building Code Official. The purpose of inspections is to review construction work completed by business owners and contractors to ensure safety, compliance with Town Code requirements and quality construction.


General Information about Inspections

  • Inspections of new construction are mandatory while work is in progress to ensure  construction complies with approved plans and code regulations. Inspections cannot be scheduled for a specific time; however, they can be scheduled for the “morning” or “afternoon” as available.
  • All work must be ready before you call for an inspection—you will be charged for failed inspections.
  • Refundable bonds will not be returned until all final inspections have been approved.
  • A final inspection is required and all taxes and fees must be paid and current before an occupancy permit is issued.


Required Inspections Include:

  • Footings
  • Foundation walls
  • Sanitary sewer and domestic water service
  • Under slab plumbing, electrical and HVAC
  • Damp proofing/drain tile/backfill
  • Electrical service
  • All pre-pour concrete basement, garage, all slabs on grade, etc.
  • Rough plumbing, framing, HVAC, electrical and insulation
  • Topographic survey inspection
  • Final inspection (occupancy permit)
  • Fire suppression and alarm systems
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Other exterior site improvements