Information regarding snow emergency route declarations and parking restrictions during snow emergencies can be found in the Town Code, Part II, Chapter 62, Article IV, Division 2.  The Town Code can be accessed via the Town website ( or can be viewed at Town Hall.


When a snow emergency route has been activated or deactivated by the Town, the information will be broadcasted on the following television channels: the local Comcast channel 2, Verizon FIOS channel 33, and NBC 4.  In addition, the information will be broadcasted on the radio station WTOP – 103.5 FM, 103.9 FM, and 107.7 FM.  The information will also be posted online on,, and on the Town website at  The Town will send out a notification via the Blackboard Connect system as well.

A snow emergency route can be activated and a parking prohibition put into effect by declaration of the Town Manager when weather conditions will make it necessary that traffic be expedited and that parking on town streets be prohibited or restricted for snow plowing or other purposes.  Notwithstanding a declaration by the Town Manager, a parking prohibition automatically goes into effect on any part of a snow emergency route on which there has been an accumulation of snow and ice of 4 inches or more.


The declaration shall describe the action taken, including the time it became or will become effective, and shall specify the streets or areas affected.  A parking prohibition shall go into effect 4 hours after it has been announced, or at such other time as designated by the Town Manager.  The prohibition shall remain in effect until terminated by announcement by the Town Manager.


Any vehicle that is parked on a part of a snow emergency route in which a parking prohibition is in effect is subject to being towed pursuant to Section 62-175.  In addition, the owner shall be subject to a fine in accordance with Section 62-179.

This information is meant to inform the citizens of the main components of the snow emergency route ordinance and is not intended to be a complete recitation of entire Town Code sections listed above.  Please refer to the Town Code for the complete ordinance.