VDOT Response To Citizen Complaints Concerning Traffic Situation at Main Street and Curtis Drive and Graham Park Road and Fraley Blvd.

This email is in response to your comments with regards to the recent operational improvements at the Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway/Main Street)  & Route 1107 (Graham Park Road)/NIS (Curtis Drive) intersection.


This intersection, along with the northbound Route 1 & Graham Park Road intersection, were recently studied as part of a pedestrian improvement project.  The analysis included a review of the existing intersection volumes, lane assignment and operations for minimally evasive and cost effective improvements.  Based on the current vehicular traffic volumes and turning movement counts, modifications were made between these two intersections to help improve the overall operations and minimize delay and congestion.  These improvements are expected to be an interim measure prior to the Town’s upcoming widening and improvement project adjacent to this intersection.


As a result of the study, It was decided that rather than provide for short back to back left turn lanes on Graham Park Road between the Route 1 approaches, analysis showed that converting to a full two lane eastbound approach would help ease congestion and delays within the intersection and eliminate the often seen lane usage concerns expressed by the town.


The modification altered westbound Graham Park Road reducing the approach from a shared through/left turn lane and a dedicated right turn only lane to a single shared left turn/through/right turn lane.  As with other intersections, turn restrictions are not present for this approach, therefore pavement markings depicting the lane usage is not necessary.  However, a new lane use sign has been placed overhead on the mast arm.


Furthermore, left turns from Graham Park Road to southbound Route 1 are permitted from this lane as is through traffic to Curtis Drive and right turns to northbound Route 1 Main Street.  Additionally, left turns movements to and from the Triangle Shopping Plaza continue to be permitted.