Marine Corps Base Quantico is home to the Marine Corps Combat Development Command and numerous tenant organizations. The base staff provides infrastructure, operational, and community services support to these organizations and to the military members, families, and civilians who live and work on base. The base is also a key player in support of overall Marine Corps objectives and programs, and plays host to scores of training

Marine Corps Base Quantico is comprised of more than 6,700 military personnel, 6,900 civilians, and 2,500 family members. This large and diverse population has a tremendous impact on the surrounding towns and counties, which requires a comprehensive community relations program.

Since its establishment in 1917, Quantico has been home to many of the nation’s most innovative, intelligent and patriotic men and women. It is here, at the Crossroads of the Marine Corps, that vital concepts, training, and equipment of the future are developed. Some of the most important techniques in warfighting were born here, including amphibious warfare, for which the Marine Corps is renowned. History has proven the importance of Quantico to America’s defense. The sharp vision and intense dedication of the service members, civilians, and family members who serve here will continue to ensure the Marine Corps remains the world’s premier fighting force. For more information go to www.quantico.usmc.mil.