Site Development

Site Selection
The Town of Dumfries offers a variety of commercial, office, flex/warehouse, light industrial and traditional shopping districts.

Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Site:
Zoning & Rezoning

Prior to purchasing or leasing a site, you should contact the Town Planner/Zoning Administrator to inquire about the zoning designation for the site to ensure your use is permitted in that location. If the site you are considering does not have the proper zoning designation for your use, you may want to explore whether rezoning is an option.

Infrastructure/Utility Access
To determine whether the site you are considering is able to meet your infrastructure and utility needs, contact the respective service provider or the Public Works Department at 703-221-3400 for assistance.

Zoning Districts
A zoning district is a specifically delineated area within which uniform regulations and requirements govern the use, placement, spacing and size of land, buildings and structures.  See Zoning Districts for detailed information on each district.

For additional information see Site Selection.

Application Requirements
Each application form provides a detailed description of the materials that must be submitted with the application. Application forms are available on the Town website in the Document Center or a hard copy can be obtained at Town Hall. The following types of applications/approvals are required:

  • Site Plan Review
  • Rezoning
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Text Amendment
  • Variance
  • Temporary Use Permit
For additional information on permits, see Permit Information.
Application Meeting

To expedite the development process, the Director of Community and Economic Development has created a Project Review Team to meet with the prospect and address any potential issues or constraints ahead of time instead of during the process. The Project Team is comprised of:

  • The Director of Community and Economic Development
  • Town Planner/Zoning Administrator
  • Public Works
  • Building Code Official (depending on the project)
  • Fire & Safety (depending on the use)
Consideration of Development Proposals
  • Staff will present the development proposal to the Planning Commission.
  • Applicants are expected to attend the Planning Commission meeting to respond to any questions the Commissioners have regarding the application.
  • The Planning Commission will discuss the project and vote to recommend to the Town Council either approval or denial of the request or application.
  • In order for the Planning Commission to make a favorable recommendation, there must be a simple majority in favor of the application.
  • Following a recommendation by the Planning Commission, the application will be forwarded to the Town Council for consideration.

Construction & Renovation Process