The Town of Dumfries is committed to promoting a diverse and progressive community and to position our community as the “Place of Choice” for businesses considering relocating or expanding and for developers interested in finding the perfect location for their next project. The purpose of our program is to:

  1. Promote economic development, expansion and diversification
  2. Encourage and provide support to the development community
  3. Address business needs
  4. Create new job opportunities
  5. Attract new capital investment
  6. Improve the Quality of life for our residents and businesses
  7. Attract new business to the community and encourage the development and retention of business in the community.

Developers Assistance

Recognizing the important role Developers play in moving a community forward, our Economic and Community Development staff are ready to work with you in developing your next project in the Town of Dumfries. We provide the following services to the business and development community

  1. Available Property/ Building Promotion
  2. Business Retention & Expansion Assistance
  3. Issues Facilitation
  4. Workforce Development Assistance

With our close proximity to the nation’s Capital and Quantico Marine Corps Base, Dumfries is part of one of the fastest growing areas in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region. As our residents and businesses know and our visitors soon discover, the Town of Dumfries is a community that weaves together established neighborhoods with a solid business community to create an ideal location to live and work.