Temporary Use Permits

A temporary use permit allows short-term activities that might not meet the normal development or use standards of the applicable zoning district, but may otherwise be acceptable because of their temporary nature and are required to be removed following the expiration of the permit.

Temporary Use Permits are required for uses such as special events, parades, carnivals, seasonal businesses (including Christmas Trees) and construction trailers needed for the purpose of oversight of development projects.

Applications for temporary uses shall contain the following information:

Letter of Request which includes the following information:Property owner name and address;

  • Name and address of person, organization, or business requesting Temporary Use Permit;
  • Purpose of Temporary Use;
  • How long will Temporary Use last?
  • What type of restroom facilities will service the Temporary Use?
  • Will there be utilities? If yes please list.
  • If application is for a tent sale, a certificate of fire resistant material must be included with the application. In addition, the total square footage of the tent must be included. Fire safety regulations may require a number of fire extinguishers be placed within the tent.
  • Hours of operation. If Temporary Use occurs in evening hours please include a summary of the site’s lighting plan.
  • Parking
Site Plan that includes the following information:Location of proposed Temporary Use on lot.

  • Parking for Temporary Use, if use is on vacant lot vehicles must be parked on an improved parking surface.
  • If Temporary Use is in an existing parking lot highlight parking being used for the Temporary Use.
  • Setbacks to all property lines.
  • Access to proposed Temporary Use.

  • Sales Tax License
  • If Temporary Use is on a vacant lot or in a shopping center a letter from the property owner granting permission to operate the Temporary Use at the proposed location.

For more information on Temporary Use Permits call the Town Planner/Zoning Administrator at 703-221-3400 x 115