Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Areas

Chesbay imageThe Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area District (CBPA-OD) Chapter 70, Article III, Division 12 of the Town of Dumfries Zoning Code; effective date: May 6, 2003) is composed of all lands identified on the map entitled “Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Map (CBPA map),” the “Chesapeake Bay Public Information Manual”  in the Department of Public Works. Interactive map at PWC County Mapper

The CBPA District is delineated on the CBPA map as one of the following: (1) Resource Protection Area (RPA), or (2) Resource Management Area (RMA), 

The Resource Protection Area (RPA) includes all tidal wetlands; tidal waters; non-tidal wetlands connected by surface flow and contiguous to tidal wetlands or water bodies with perennial flow; shorelines; and a one hundred (100) foot vegetated buffer around each such feature and around all water bodies with perennial flow.

The buffer area is designed to retard runoff, prevent erosion, and filter non-point source pollutants from runoff. The buffer area is also designed to achieve a level of 75% reduction in sediments and 40% reduction in nutrients.

TOD CBPA Map_2023

For an interactive map, go to Prince William County's Parcel Mapper,  the environmental layer and open Resource Protection Area overlay. 

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