Erosion & Sediment Control & Land Disturbing

Before construction can begin on a project within the Town, the details for how the land will be disturbed must be permitted prior to any land disturbance or issuance of a building permit. 

For the Town of Dumfries, a regulated land-disturbing activity can be defined as any land change greater than 2,500 square feet on private or public land that may result in soil erosion from water or wind and the movement of sediments into state waters or onto lands in the Commonwealth, including, but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavating, transporting and filling of land. 

For those activities greater than 1 acre in an MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System), General VPDES Construction Permit Coverage from the VA Department of Environmental Quality is required prior to local land disturbing permit approval. 

An application package for land disturbing must including the following items:
  1. Application for land disturbing
  2. One digital copy of civil drawings, two paper copies. (if a Land Use Site Plan approval was required prior, submit the approved site plan)
  3. Check made to Town of Dumfries for fees (fees are listed on the back of the applications)
  4. Completed Environmental Plan Review Check List   (the entire Town of Dumfries is within the ChesBay RMA)
  5. Copy of Responsible Land Disturber Form (RLD) with copy of certification
  6. Any copies of any appropriate approvals, permits or documentation:
    1. Stormwater Utility Easement Agreement
    2. USACE Wetland delineation permit
    3. Site Specific ChesBay Study
    4. Nutrient Bank Credit bill of sale
    5. General permit coverage registration statement (VSMP)
    6. Copy of any federal permits (CLOMR, LOMR, LOMR-F, etc.)
    7. Copy of any State permits
    8. Developer's Agreement for all SWM systems (if applicable)
    9. Letter of Credit or surety Bond (if applicable)
Prior to land disturbing, a pre-construction meeting is required.
Inspections will be performed every two week and after each rainfall event.

Contact us:
For permit submittal questions and information: Eric Clark 703-221-3400 x112,
Plan review questions: Jonet Prevost-White 703-221-3400 x117,
Inspections: Raya Nickerson @ 703-221-3400 x119,