Treasurer/DMV- Select/Customer Service

Town Treasurer 

The Treasurer is appointed by the Town Council entrusted with collecting taxes and local fees in addition to making payments on behalf of the local government. The Treasurer also manages the investment of local funds and assists in maintaining records on local finances.

The Treasurer is responsible for the following:

  • Real Estate Taxes Billing, Payments, and Collections.
  • Business Licenses (Business, Professional, and Occupational License Tax).
  • Collecting, Safekeeping, and Disbursement of Revenue.

For any questions or comments, please contact:

Kiran Uppal

What is a DMV Select?
DMV Selects provides alternative services to a full-service DMV Customer Service Center. Local governments and private entities contract with the DMV to provide secure transactions in convenient locations.  

The Dumfries DMV Select office is open by appointment and walk-ins welcome Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Non-title transactions do not require an appointment. Appointments will be required for Title transactions. Scheduling your appointment helps reduce transaction and wait times, improve staff operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

To reduce your wait time at our DMV, Select, schedule your appointment here

To see the average transaction and wait times, visit our Open Data Portal.

What services can a DMV Select offer me?

  • Vehicle Titles and Registrations
    Original (with or without liens), substitute and replacement titles, and title maintenance (to change information on title records, adding/removing of names). Original registrations, renewals, transfers, re-issues, and plate surrenders.
  • License Plates
    Specialized and personalized plate orders, including issuing motorcycles, permanent trailers, and truck plates.
  • Permits and Placards
    Trip permits and overload permits. The original issue of handicapped parking placards.
  • Transcript Requests
    Driver and vehicle transcripts (helpful for those who apply for jobs where a driver's transcript is needed initially, submitted periodically or checked by their employer).
  • Voter Registration Applications
  • E-ZPass
    EZ-Pass transponders are offered in the Dumfries DMV Select office.
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses
    Hunting and fishing licenses are offered in the Dumfries DMV Select office.

If you need to renew your driver's license, learner's permit, or identification card, please visit a full-service DMV Customer Service Center. 

DMV Connect 

DMV Connect is an outreach program that serves Virginians who cannot travel to a DMV Office. Occasionally, DMV Connect will offer full services on select days for residents. 

Town Customer Service Center 

The Town Customer Service Center is located on the first floor of the John Wilmer Porter Municipal Building (Suite 150). 

What services can the Customer Service Center offer me?

  • Business Licenses
    Apply for or renew your business license here.
  • Real Estate, Transient, and Meal’s Tax 
    We answer questions and accept real estate, transient, and meal tax payments. You can visit here for more information.
  • Permit Fees
    If you apply for a permit in the Town of Dumfries, we will process your application-related fees, review your site plan, and provide inspection services.  
  • Parking Ticket  
    You can pay your parking ticket at the Customer Service Center.
  • FOIA 
    We process FOIA payments.

The Town Customer Service Center features four customer service counters, conference room space, and a digital queuing system to manage customer experiences and minimize wait times.