Rezoning Requests

Any property owner may submit an application requesting a change in a Zoning District with respect to their property. All rezoning requests require a completed application along with the appropriate site plans and documents. Each application needs to include a detailed description of the rezoning, how the rezoning fits within the Comprehensive Plan and the Towns vision, and how the rezoning will further the Economic Development goals of the Town.

The Process for a rezoning request includes:

  • Submitting a completed application to the Town Planner/Zoning Administrator at 60 days prior to the Planning Commission meeting the request will be presented.
  • Presentation of the rezoning request to the Planning Commission at which the request will be considered.
  • Recommendation by the Planning Commission to the Town Council.
  • Public Hearing on the application.
  • Consideration by the Town Council for approval or denial.
Notification Requirements:

The Town of Dumfries requires three forms of notice be given for rezoning public hearings. These notices must be provided 15-30 days before the hearing date and must include:

  • Publication of a legal notice in a local newspaper. The Town will draft this notice and forward it to the newspaper, however the applicant is responsible for bearing the publication cost of the legal notice.
  • Written notice to adjacent property owners. As part of the application, you will be required to submit a list of all property owners within 200 feet of the property in question, excluding public right-of-way. Staff will provide you with a copy of the written notice and will send out the notifications to surrounding property owners via certified letters. The applicant is responsible for bearing the costs of the mailing.
Consideration of Rezoning Requests:

  • Staff will present the Rezoning application to the Planning Commission.
  • Applicants are expected to attend the Planning Commission meeting to respond to any questions the Commissioners have regarding the application.
  • The Planning Commission will discuss the project and vote to recommend to the Town Council either approval or denial of the request rezoning of the site.
  • In order for the Planning Commission to make a favorable recommendation, there must be a simple majority in favor of the application.
  • Following a recommendation by the Planning Commission, the application will be forwarded to the Town Council for consideration.

For more information contact the Town Planner/Zoning Administrator at 703-221-3400, ext. 140