Welcome to the Town of Dumfries  Building and Inspection Department


Welcome to the Building Inspection and Plan Review 
How to Apply for a Non-Residential Certificate of Occupancy Permit Process & Application

Building Permit Application Process (Permit forms can be found in the Document Center)

What do I need to submit to get a building or trade permit?
  • One electronic and two hard copies of any architectural plans,
  • A completed application including any fees with levy calculated,
  • Payment (check or money order, no cash or credit cards),
  • A copy of the contractor license,
  • A copy of the business license. 
Where do I get a building or trade permit application?
  • Building and trade permit applications can be completed electronically here
  • Calculate the fees using the table on the application. Fees not listed can be found in the Town Fee Schedule
  • Please include all necessary documentation with your application. (Plans, contractors license, RLD form, business license)
How do I pay for my application?
  • Payments are being accepted at the TOWN HALL drop box located on the outside wall next to the main entrance.
  • Currently we can only accept check or money order through the drop box. We do not have an online payment system.
  • Make checks payable to the Town of Dumfries and include with your application. 
Where do I take my payment if Town offices are closed?
  • Payments are accepted in a black drop box located on the exterior wall of the main entrance to Town Hall.
  • Please include a copy of the completed permit application with the payment. Applicants must calculate and fill in any fees owed. 
  • Include a check or money order. We cannot accept credit cards at this time.
How do I submit my plans and application?
  • Payments are accepted in a black drop box located on the exterior wall of the main entrance to Town Hall.
  • Electronic plans or FTP links can be emailed to rnickerson@dumfriesva.gov or jwhite@dumfriesva.gov
  • Paper plans can be mailed or dropped of with the payment. Large plans can be dropped off to suite 200, on the second floor of Town Hall by the Admin door.
Do I need a permit for a fence?
Do I need a permit for a shed?
Do I need a permit for a deck?
  • Yes, decks greater than 12" above the ground require a building permit. See above for building permit application. 
  • Download the standard deck specifications to include with your application for faster approval. 
Building Permit Application Requirements
Application for a permit must be made to the building Official and a permit a permit must be obtained prior to the commencement of any of the following activities. 
  1. Construction or demolition of a building or structure, including the installation or altering of any equipment regulated by the Uniform Statewide Building Code.
  2. Movement of a lot line that increases the hazard to or decreases the level of the safety of an existing building or structure in comparison to the building code under which such building or structure was constructed. 
  3. Removal of disturbing of an asbestos containing materials during the construction or demolition of a building or structure, including additions. 
  4. Construction of all retaining walls supporting 2 feet or more of unbalanced fill or supporting any surcharge from a structure above. Such a work requires plan approval and a building permit.
  • Exceptions from applications for permit can be found in the Town Fee Schedule in the town document center. 
  • All  plans shall be certified and signed by a Professional Engineer, except for retaining wall systems supporting 4 feet or less of unbalanced fill without any surcharge other than ordinary unbalanced fill. A retaining wall system may be composed of several tiers of individual retaining walls. 
  • All fees shall be paid to The Town of Dumfries at the Dumfries Town Hall located at 17739 Main Street. 
Building and trade permit applications can be found in the Town Document Center
Inspection Process
At the moment, building inspections are conducted by a third party inspector.  The purpose of inspections is to review construction work completed by business owners and contractors to ensure safety, compliance with Town Code requirements and quality construction.
General Information about Inspections
To call for an inspection on an existing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, land disturbing,  or certificate of occupancy

  • Inspections of new construction are mandatory while work is in progress to ensure  construction complies with approved plans and code regulations. Inspections cannot be scheduled for a specific time; however, they can be scheduled for the “morning” or “afternoon” as available.
  • All work must be ready before you call for an inspection—you will be charged for failed inspections.
  • Refundable bonds will not be returned until all final inspections have been approved.
  • A final inspection is required and all taxes and fees must be paid and current before an occupancy permit is issued.
Required Inspections Include:
  • Footings
  • Foundation walls
  • Sanitary sewer and domestic water service
  • Under slab plumbing, electrical and HVAC
  • Damp proofing/drain tile/backfill
  • Electrical service
  • All pre-pour concrete basement, garage, all slabs on grade, etc.
  • Rough plumbing, framing, HVAC, electrical and insulation
  • Topographic survey inspection
  • Final inspection (occupancy permit)
  • Fire suppression and alarm systems (May use third party inspection)
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Other exterior site improvements
Contact us:
Permit Applications and intake questions: Amanda Carballo, Administrative Analyst, (703) 221-3400 Ext.115
Fees and Inspections questions: Raya Nickerson, Program Manager, (703) 221-3400 Ext.117
Plan Review, Code and Compliance questions: Jonet Prevost-White, Acting Building Official, (703) 221-3400 Ext.119