Town Manager

The primary responsibility of the Town Manager is to implement the policies of the Mayor and Town Council. The Manager is the Town’s Chief Executive Officer hired by the Town Council and is responsible the complete supervision of the affairs of the Town, be the administrative head of all departments of the town government and be responsible for the efficient administration of the Town.  The Town Manager has the responsibility of developing and overseeing the Town budget, financial planning and management, personnel administration, facility management, procurement, public works, public safety, community development, grant administration, and public relations. The Town Manager coordinates the activities of all Town departments and fosters communication and collaboration with independently elected Town Council officers.  The Town Manager serves as the principal representative of the Town in all matters including meeting with local, state, and federal officials. 

In addition, the Town Manager:

Prepares and submits the annual operating and capital budget in adherence with the policy goals and objectives set by the Council. Develops and executes long-range fiscal planning and forecasts revenues and expenditures. Monitors and evaluates the financial health of the Town throughout the year. Advises the Council on municipal policies and programs that may financially impact the Town.  For questions regarding the Town's annual operating and capital budgets, contact the Town Manager at

Our Town Manager Tangela Innis 
Town Manager
Tangela Innis
703-221-3400, ext. 113